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Looks What’s Happening in Haiti

I have heard people say, “nothing is happening in Haiti.” I am glad to say, “much is happening in Haiti.” Since April, my first of 3 trips this year, I have witnessed encouraging changes in the area of Ounanminthe, Haiti. This area of Haiti is growing rapidly due in part to the many schools and it being only one of two ‘free trade boarders’ in Haiti. I also believe change is taking place due to the many prayers and support that have increased over the past years.

The pictures above give a snap shot of the answers to prayers that have been taking place this year…Electricity, internet, cell service, medical clinics, housing, and now a water treatment plant! Not to mention the many items that have been brought down and distributed to the people of Ounanminthe & Lac’ajue.

Step of Faith Ministry, along with Aslan Youth Ministry and Hope for Haiti Children Center are making great strides to bring hope, joy and the love of Jesus to this nation in need. Some may say the process is slow, I say, it is still happening. Lives are being changed, people are being encouraged, and I don’t just mean the Haitian people, I am also referring to those who go to Haiti to help. Once you go, you will never be the same.

There is still much poverty, sickness and starvation, so please keep your prayers and support coming. But if someone says to you, “nothing is happening in Haiti”, you can now tell them, “Haiti IS changing, one drop at a time.”



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