Maple Leaf Tutoring Program Begins Soon


The 2013 – 2014 school year & summer brought many new experiences to our Maple Leaf students…

Weekly Home Work Club ~ Christmas Parties ~ Visit from Officer Kelly ~ Missionaries sharing about Papua New Guinea and Haiti ~ Dance Classes ~ Drama Classes ~ Art Classes ~ A Carnival ~ Vacation Bible Camp ~ Testimonies of changed lives

Now we begin our 2014 – 2015 school year!

There are two requests before the start of our new year, which begins on Tuesday, October 7th from 3-6PM

1) Anyone who is interested in helping this year or finding out more information about the program; please come out to our meetings on Wednesday, Sept 24 and Wednesday, Oct 1 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM at the Maple Leaf Clubhouse [255 Sawmill Rd., Brick]

We will be discussing the school year, setting up teams, praying and connecting with one another again.

2) School Supplies are needed for students at Maple Leaf. If you could help us provide:

#2 Pencils ~  Binders ~  Calculator ~ Colored pencils ~  Construction paper ~  Crayons ~  Dry erase markers ~  Lunch boxes ~  Erasers ~  Folders ~  Glue Sticks ~  Markers ~  Notebooks ~  Notebook paper ~  Pencil boxes ~  Pens ~  Rulers ~ Scissors 

 All school supplies can be brought to the clubhouse on either Sept 24th or Oct. 1st

We are praying that this school year will continue to provide a safe, Christ-centered environment where the students can learn, study, build relationships, pray, have a meal and hear more about Jesus!

Just One Drop,


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