Medical Clinic Reaches Lac’ajue

Units reach Lac'ajue 2

Looking at units for the first time

Step of Faith Ministry has been partnering with Aslan Youth Ministry of Red Bank for many years now. It is through them that our teams have successful and meaningful mission trips each year.

For over 2 years, Craig Bogard’s vision [founder of Aslan Youth Ministry] was on ‘hold’ as the 3-piece medical clinic from Hospitals of Hope¬†was caught up in red tape at the port in Cap Haitian. As everything that could have been done, was done, this long wait weighed heavy on Craig’s heart. Over the past couple of years, Aslan has lost some special people to medical conditions that could have been prevented had this clinic been available in Lac’ajue.

However… today is a day of rejoicing!!

Last night the 3 containers arrived safely on the land in Lac’ajue. My husband Patrick expressed it this way, “It was like nothing I had ever seen before. We arrived at night, yet over 50 people greeted us on the land with cheers, singing, dancing to the men who were drumming. I took some video but that just won’t capture what took place.”

I understand his feelings, for I too have experienced such ‘awe’ while surrounded by our Haitian family.

Today, once the boarder opens at 9am, the crane will arrive on the land and lift these units off the trucks and place them onto their new permanent foundation! I will be home all day, skyping, so that this amazing day can be seen in NJ! All are welcome to stop by and watch.

Another reason for the excitement is that Step of Faith Ministry will be helping to provide the next part of this medical clinic, a sterilized operating room in the upcoming year.

Please pray for the men today and for the next 10 days as they secure these units. Praise the Lord for His goodness!

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