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Merry Christmas Family and Friends!

We hope this Christmas update finds you well as we prepare to celebrate our Lord’s birth. We are excited to share with you how God brought us through this past year and continues to provide in so many ways…

Much of this year can be summed up in one word, “faithfulness”.  As the message of the gospel continues to be spread both in word and action, those we serve in the local community, Atlantic City, Haiti, and Albania continue to see His faithfulness. Here is a short summary…

In our own backyard… This time last year we were meeting with a small group of students from our Maple Leaf Tutoring Program at the Allenwood Church in Allenwood. While it was only a group of 8-10 students, the ability to build deeper relationships and have more one-on-one interaction was truly a blessing. We continued to meet through June and finished off the school year with a fun trip to the Point Pleasant Boardwalk. We had an afternoon with the students, going on rides, playing games, and having pizza. It was a great way to finish, what otherwise began, as an uncertain tutoring program due to the many shutdowns.

As we began our 9th year of tutoring this fall, we were able to return to the clubhouse at the Maple Leaf Apartments. We decided to start the year with 12 students, and it is going well. With a large room and full kitchen, we can provide adequate space for meals, homework and other activities such as Bible games, crafts, service projects and more. The Brick Police also started their mentorship program this fall for 5th grade and up. Their program mirrors much of how we run our program, while adding a mentorship component with the hope to raise up older students as positive role models for the younger students in the community. We see God’s faithfulness that no matter where He has us to speak into the lives of these kids, His name is being lifted up and lives are being changed.

A little further away in Atlantic City… We were very happy to return to Atlantic City this summer, after having cancelled last year, to serve along-side New City Fellowship Church and Pastor Santo. This was our 11th summer trip.  During the day the team split up among a variety of places in AC and served with those who are intentionally bringing hope to their community. One such place was a small local church that gives out food and drinks every morning to many homeless people. We had the opportunity to talk to some about Jesus and pray with others. We also did a “fun-day” at the Stanley Home Apartments, complete with music, a kick-ball game, and hotdogs. Three nights during the week we went to Carver Hall Apartments and did a Bible Club where many children and adults came out and participated. On our final day we went back to Carver Hall and made ice cream sundaes, played games, and did a craft with the kids while one of the dads from the community came to know Jesus as his Savior! God is faithful!

Just a short plane ride away…On July 4th a team of 18 left for our summer trip to Haiti through our partnership with Aslan Youth Ministry. A trip that so many of us missed the year before. This trip started out like all previous trips, lots of excitement and interaction with our friends and families. Three days into it however, we woke up to hear the news that the President of Haiti was assassinated during the night. Needless to say, none of us had ever experienced this before! To say that we all saw God’s faithfulness over the remaining 7 days is an understatement. In 23 trips, I (Pam) had never experienced God’s presence in this way before while in Haiti. There were so many God-experiences that the team wrote many of them down so not to forget. Not only did we all experience God’s presence, peace and direction, but while we did, we were able to complete almost all of what we had planned to do!  At the end of the 10 days, we had an abundance of financial support leftover that we were able to bless so many with it. With Haiti in such turmoil and prices of food and fuel going through the roof, the financial blessings were distributed to help many of our friends, provided extra medication at the medical clinic, extra fuel and food, as well as pay for a large part of the solar power that will soon be running the mission house. Right before we left the team was asked if they wanted to go home, a resounding “NO” was heard. Likewise, when asked about returning next year…they all said yes!

Included in God’s faithfulness were the graduations of Francis and Booz from Trade School. SOFM had supported them each through school for two years and this summer Francis graduated with a degree in plumbing and Booz with a degree in mechanics. They have both been using their new skills to help in a variety of ways on the Aslan property and at the mission house. Likewise, the first graduating class for the Sewing School was celebrated. We were able to provide 9 sewing machines for the graduates so that they have the best opportunity to start their own business and provide for their families. As well as all that, the Medical Clinic and Clean Water Program continues to save lives both physically and spiritually by showing the Lord’s provision and mercy! All God’s faithfulness…

A bit farther away in Albania… When covid began spreading through the world, Albania was hit greatly. Pastor Plator told us that the winter months were bringing serious health concerns not just with the virus, but also with the lack of needed supplies such as food, fuel and oil.  Because of generous people here in the states, we were able to start a Bundle of Blessings food distribution program that helped to meet many of those needs throughout the winter. This distribution continues today.

Over the summer SOFM was able to provide financial support for another wonderful Bible Camp for 500 children (up from 250 the year before) and another Youth Camp, where many came to know Jesus. This winter we are able to provide the funding needed again for the transportation that Pastor Plator uses to distribute the 100’s of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes throughout the countryside of Albania, into the hands of Muslim families. And yet more funding is being provided this winter for a Christmas program for 100’s of children to hear about the birth of Jesus and have the opportunity to receive Him as their Savior for the first time! We are so thankful for God’s continued faithfulness through SOFM that in turn is blessing so many both near and far!

When we look back at 2021 and see the unrest and uncertainties that the world continues to go through, we know that it is only through the grace of our Father in Heaven that we can do what we do. God continues to work on the hearts of His people and because of so many, our ministries both in NJ and abroad continues to be able to reach those who do not know Jesus and provide for those living in life-threatening situations.

We are so grateful for your participation in the ministry and for your prayers. None of this would be possible without the generous donations and involvement by people like you. We are so thankful for you and your desire to support the ministry of Step of Faith.

If you would like to support any of the ministries mentioned or help us build up our General Fund which fuels all the above ministries, you can do so by sending your support to:

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We pray that you would have a joyful Christmas season and look forward to continuing our relationship with you in 2022!


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Serving Him Together,

Step of Faith Ministry

Sue, Patrick, April, Nicole, Allyn, Ron, Tina & Pam



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