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One Child at a Time – Maple Leaf Tutoring Program


Many have volunteered at the Maple Leaf Tutoring Program in Brick for over 12 years now. Here is just one testimony that happened this month with one of our students…

Since covid, we have had a “invite only” for our students so that our volunteers to student ratio is doable and allows us to build on more relationships with the students. In the fall a young student, D’Mari, came to us and asked if he could be a part of the program. Quite and somewhat shy, we said yes and he began coming. We come to find out in January that he has been bullied in and out of school. We addressed this with the entire group. A few weeks ago we had the students play a game where they partnered up and one person was blindfolded while the other person had to direct them through an obstacle course by only using their voice as the other students were making noise. At the end we talked to them about the importance of listening to God’s voice in the midst of all the other “noise” that we can hear around us.

When the students went on to their next activity, D’Mari stayed behind. He looked at me and said, “Ms. Pam, can I tell you something?” I replied, “Sure”. He then said with tears coming into his eyes, “I don’t know, you may be mad at me.” I assured him that he could tell me anything and that I would not be mad at him. This is what he said next, “My dad doesn’t believe in God, I am not sure if I believe in God, but I have been coming here and each day I hear about Jesus and God, I just don’t know what to believe.” Then my eyes wanted to fill with tears! I took him on the side and we talked about Jesus. I believe this conversation will be one of many going forward. Please pray for D’Mari and his sweet heart, that Jesus will fill it! And for his dad to come to believe as well!

This is why we do what we do and we are so thankful for ALL who volunteer, pray and support the different parts of the ministry!



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