Prayers for Pastors, Staff and Supported Ministries – Global


As we continue to highlight those that SOFM support through our General Fund each month, here are those who are being supported globally as they bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to both Albania and Italy. 


In 2014 Step of Faith was introduced to Albania. We started with support for two young Muslim converts who wanted to go to seminary. Years later SOFM continues to support many areas of need in Albania including Pastor Support. SOFM began supporting Pastor Plator as he oversees and ministers to the people of  Libonik and the 98 villages that surround them. Plator’s commitment to spreading the Gospel throughout this area to those who have never heard the name of Jesus [atheists and Muslim communities] is producing so much fruit! Through Pastor Plator, not only are many coming to faith, but there is an “army” of Christians being raised up through these churches to go out and continue to spread the Gospel in this nation. Albania has less than 2% evangelical Christians. Pastor Plator’s support comes through our General Fund.



In 2012 SOFM began to go to Atlantic City for summer mission trips and serve alongside Pastor Santo Garafalo and his staff of New City Fellowship. Since then, all who go down for summer trips and day trips during the year have been blessed to not only serve this community and share the love of Jesus but also have been discipled by New City about cross-cultural ministry and how to help connect the community to the church. Last year Pastor Santo and his wife MaryEllen moved to Salerno Italy (still serving in their denomination) and helping a small church spread the Gospel in this part of Italy. Surprisingly, Italy has less than 2% evangelical Christians. SOFM continues to support him and what he is doing through our General Fund.

We are excited to partner with these men, their wives and their growing ministry.  If you would like to help get behind the funding of one of them, you can, by donating through our General Fund. Your support will help SOFM continue our global outreach to those who have yet to hear and receive Jesus. And your prayers for them is always appreciated! God is blessing their ministries in big ways! Thank you!

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Prayers for Pastors, Staff and Supported Ministries – NJ


Throughout the years people have asked, “Where does the ministry need support, help and prayer?” During the month of February, we would like to highlight individuals who Step of Faith supports so that they can do the work of the ministry from NJ to Italy to Albania. Because these men and women have taken a step of faith to go out and do what God is calling them to do as supported Pastors, staff, missionaries and overseers, many around the world are hearing the good news of Jesus Christ while meeting practical physical and emotional needs. This week… New Jersey…


Mike Durante – Hope Albania Church  ~ Mike has been the pastor of this Albanian church in NJ for many years. This church allows Albanians who come to America a place to worship God in their language. Mike also has discipled and brought some of his congregation back to Albania where they have witnessed to their Muslim family members and many have come to know Jesus Christ. Mike is the reason why SOFM began involvement with Pastor Plator and the ministry in Albania in 2014. SOFM currently supports Mike on a monthly basis through our General Fund.


Ted & Katie Kenney – Plays on Word Theater ~ Ted & Katie began POW out of a desire to spread the word of God through Biblical one-man plays. Each year their audiences have expanded to now include not only churches, but also prisons, schools, youth groups, outreaches and over the past 2 years… Albania. They travel throughout the US and plan to expand their global ministry as well. Hearts are being changed as Ted brings the stories of the bible to life through these free events. They are considered ‘state-side missionaries’ of whom SOFM currently supports monthly through our General Fund.


Karen Peet ~ Rooted in Love ~ Towards the end of the time that Karen was a board member with SOFM, she began to feel that a different path for her was about to begin. Karen took a big step of faith as she began Rooted in Love; a ministry that shows the love of Jesus to the adult entertainment industry (now) at several dance clubs in the tri-state area. With the monthly outreaches growing, the relationships with the woman and owners of the clubs continue to grow. Women are seeing Jesus through Karen and her volunteers as they meet with them in the clubs and show them love through conversations, gifts and prayer. SOFM currently supports Rooted in Love monthly through the General Fund.


We are excited to partner with the above ministries and watch how God is touching the lives of so many, near and far, in places that we might want to go and places that we might not.  If you would like to help get behind the funding of one of the above ministries, you can, by donating through our General Fund. Your support will help SOFM continue their support for all of them. And your prayers for these guys (and gals) is always appreciated! God is using them in big ways! Thank you!

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