Partnering with New City Fellowship in AC

This Saturday, a team from True Life Church will be heading to AC to partner with New City Fellowship Church. This is the 9th year that Step of Faith is working along side Pastor Santo and his staff and we are excited to join them again!

Our connection with New City is not just in AC. The team there is spreading the gospel and connecting the community to the church 24/7, while we come down once a year. However, their efforts have expanded to the Brick area over the past several years.

The Tutoring program at the Maple Leaf apartments in Brick will be entering its 7th year this fall!

Soccer clinics and Bible Camps have brought the gospel and built relationships with the community for the past 6 years!

This winter True Life will be replicating the Christmas Store in the Brick area, that New City does each year in AC…more information will come out in the fall!

It takes a village to raise a village, no matter if it is local, statewide or internationally.

We are blessed to be a part in various areas of the world and AC is one of those places that allows us to see God at work in wonderful ways.

Please pray for our team and the work a head for us next week. Please pray for the hearts that will be touched and opened at the 3-night Bible Camp and the other connections and bridges that will be built.

Thank you!

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