Pastoral Support

Step of Faith is currently supporting 4 pastors who reside in NJ and Albania. If you would like to help with their personal support so that they can continue to do the work the Lord has called them to do, please donate here.

Being a pastor in a foreign land such as Albania, or pastoring a church for the Albanian people in northern Jersey or moving to the inner city of Atlantic City to pastor a church, is not an easy task. Financially it is very difficult. However, when the Lord says “go”, you go. And these men have done just that and continue to trust that their heavenly Father will provide for them so that they can pastor, oversee, evangelize, and raise up others to do the work of the ministry.

We have witnessed first-hand, through mission trips, testimonies and on-going communication that their work is bearing much fruit. In order for them to do what they do their basic needs need to be met. While SOFM is helping with their personal support, it is not covering all their personal support. So we are praying that others will join us in this effort.

Whether you would like to give a one time donation to the Pastoral Support Fund, a monthly donation to the Pastoral Support Fund or  a one time  / monthly donation to an individual pastor, notating it through paypal or in the memo of a check would be a blessing for them.

The 4 current pastors are:

Pastor Santo Garofalo – New City Fellowship – Atlantic City, NJ

Pastor Michael Durante – Hope Albania Church – Elmwood Park, NJ

Pastor Plator Collaku – Liberniq and Maliq, Albania

Pastor Geno Bregu – Sayjan, Albania

Contact Step of Faith

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    PO Box 805
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    United States of America