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Prayers Answered in Albania

Hi Everyone!

Because of a couple local churches loving support, there are many children in the small town of Moglica, Albania (tucked far up in the mountains around the city of Korca) who are warm and very thankful today!
In December SOFM received a video of the A-Team distributing Christmas shoeboxes and doing a children’s program up in the mountains of Albania, where our team had visited in Sept. We noticed that most of the children did not have a coat on in the freezing temperatures. Quickly a “coat drive” came together at Living Faith Bible Church in Brick. And then the knitting group at St. Paul’s Methodist Church asked if they could knit hats and scarfs for the children.
A few weeks ago everything was in and then taken back to Albania with Pastor Plator.
Today, the evangelistic team drove over 2 hours into the mountains to distribute the new coats, and knit hats and scarfs! I was told that the children were so thankful and kept saying :”thank you” to the team. 
Every prayer and supporter is needed to help SOFM help those less fortunate and this is just one example of how God takes care of His children.

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