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Prayers for our Haiti Team this Sunday

This Sunday at 6:30am our team of 18 is flying from Philly to Cap to start our 10 day trip in Lac’ajue, Haiti! Our picture to the left is minus 4 of our team members, but all of us will be leaving bright and early Sunday morning for our flight!

We are asking for your prayers… Flying into Cap can be a difficult one because customs may ask for bribe money to get us (and our 28 bags full of gifts and supplies for our families and friends) out of the airport.

Our specific prayer is for 12:30pm when we land in Cap. The prayer is that we can walk right through and out of the airport without being hassled. This is the first time I am bringing a team through Cap (because there was an uncertainty whether the border was going to be open or not). Normally we fly through the DR and do not encounter any problems at the airport.

We appreciate your prayers! Especially between 12:30-2:30pm on Sunday!

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