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Hello Everyone,

Below is a link to the Asbury Park Press which shows a short video about the Tent City in Lakewood. Ironically, this past Saturday Patrick and I had the opportunity to serve with Pastor Steve. His bus, that he uses to transport food and clothing from the Tent City to the Lakewood Square is not working, so Patrick volunteered to help him with his work truck. We spent the afternoon going back and forth from the Tent City to the Square, distributing food and clothing to those in need. Steve also gave us a tour of the camp to show the progress that has been made over the past year. Please keep Pastor Steve and the 40 people now living at the camp in your prayers. We met some of the people and some of their stories of ‘why they are there’ would surprise you. Patrick and I will be staying more connected with Pastor Steve with hopes to help him further in his efforts to help the many local people that are in need.

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