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Residential House for Boys

Four years ago, through God’s provision, Pastor Plator was able to purchase a house in Libonik for boys who have undergone unthinkable situations during their young lives. Due to the severity of these situation, we will not share their stories on our blog. Even though it is extremely expensive to take on this kind of endeavor, Pastor Plator saw beyond the expense and trusted God to provide. While our team was there in September 2022 we met all 9 boys who are living in this home. They had just received a new boy only days before we arrived. The government wants Pastor Plator to take more boys. The day after the team left, a mother of two of the boys, after meeting the governments requirements, was able to take her boys back. It was a sad day for those who run the home, yet it does open up two new spots.

There is also another house on the same property that can become a “transition home” as the boys get older. It is in need of repair before that can happen. One of the boys is currently 17 and this transition home would be very helpful for him. He is also a soccer player and was accepted to the Albanian National Soccer Team! There are success stories coming from this ‘step of faith’ by Pastor Plator.

Thank you for considering helping to meet the needs of running this Residential Home.

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