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Maple Leaf Celebration


This past Tuesday marked a special day at the Maple Leaf After School Program. With over 55 students in attendance and over 20 volunteers from 5 different local churches, the clubhouse was turned from ‘homework club’ to Bible Club.

When the older students arrived they took part in a ‘get to know you’ game that had them racing around the room asking all sorts of questions ranging from, “Is your birthday in June?” to “Do you like the Ninja Turtles?” It was quite comical and got the students to find out a lot about each other in a very short time. Following that, they heard a message from Pastor Hector of St. Paul’s Methodist that helped them to better understand who Jesus is. After snacks were eaten and goodie bags were handed out, the younger students arrived.

The younger students ranged from kindergarten to 5th grade and as they arrived they were brought to a big tarp in the middle of the room. Two of the students led everyone in ‘Your Grace is Enough’ before an object lesson was taught using a pumpkin. The kids were well behaved as they sat and listened. A fun craft was handed out that allowed the students to think about ‘what and who they are thankful for.’ We finished the day with a snack and goodie bags along with their own personal pumpkin to take home.

Not only is homework help given on a weekly basis but occasionally a special day like this is enjoyed by all.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who came out and for all the prayers and support that continues to grow with each week!


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