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Student of the Month

3 Ricardo J Gelens Bien-Aime (2)


Greetings Everyone,

We have our Student of the Month as Eud-Danielle Vilus. A beautiful 2nd grader also attending the Christian school at Double Harvest, outside of Port-au-Prince. Along with Eud-Danielle, we continue to put before you Jeandlie and Ruben who are still looking for a loving sponsor. (Left) is Ricardo, who was sponsored in January.

All children at Double Harvest receive a Christian education, a hot meal each day, uniform, books, and medical attention when needed.

Education Sponsorship per child is $540 a year. This amount can be donated all at once or monthly. Likewise, if a partial donation is more affordable, a donation of $375 per child is also welcomed, with SOFM making up the rest. A student’s sponsorship can also be shared between families, churches, youth groups, etc.

These children are the future of Haiti, the minds and hearts of the next generation that can be the difference for generations to come.

If you would like to help, please do so by sending your donation check to: Step of Faith Ministry / PO Box 805 / Brick, NJ 08723. Please indicate the student that you would like to support so that pictures and updates can be sent to you.

As always…Thank you for your continued prayers for these children and the ministry!

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