Student of the Month

Sendie Celencieux (1)

SENDIE CELENCIEUX – 11 years old

Here is our Student of the Month, Sendie Celencieux. She is finishing her 5th grade school year and is eager to start 6th grade in the fall.  Going to school at Double Harvest does not just mean that Sendie is able to receive a life-changing Christian education, but Sendie also receives medical attention and a hot meal each day. Most children in Haiti are unable to eat even one small hand full of rice every 24-36 hours. However by being sponsored, Sendie is blessed to receive a hot meal each day to help build her immune system and increase her ability to learn.

A 1-year sponsorship will cost $540, and can be paid monthly or a one time donation. Some sponsors may even decide to¬†share a student’s sponsorship.

As always, we appreciate your prayers and support for our 65 students in Haiti! We could not do this without you!

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