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Step of Faith Ministry has one supported missionary. Pam Hess has been involved with Step of Faith for over 5 years and is the current Mission’s Coordinator for Step of Faith Ministry.

Your donation would help Pam continue to pursue her calling as a full time missionary. Please read the following letter from SOFM president Bobby McDonough as it concerns Pam’s needs.


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The following is a letter from Step of Faith Ministry president, Bob McDonough in regards to supporting Pam as a missionary.

October 2011

To our Co-laborers in Christ, 

As Dr. Luke once wrote to Theopolis, “It seemed fitting for me as well, having investigated carefully from the beginning, to write out for you in consecutive order”…  He, of course, wrote an historical account of Jesus’ life. The scope of my undertaking here is not as grand; I simply feel the Lord nudging me to make you all aware of some of the changes and needs within SOFM since our founder Bob Hager’s illness and subsequent new birth into the arms of Jesus! (Death, where is thy victory, death, where is thy sting!)

SOFM, as many of you know, was Bob’s baby. He never claimed to have given birth to the ministry; he gave God the credit and glory for that. But he was a diligent surrogate. Bob loved, nourished and prepared SOFM right to the end. He felt it was the Lord’s work and therefore saw it going on beyond his years. Frankly, the rest of us weren’t so sure; we had a tough time imagining a SOFM without Bob, and it was an emotional transition.

Shortly before Bob’s illness, the Board of Directors grew from 6 members to 10 and each new member brought with them God-given gifts and passions. (The Lord knew He’d need 3 or 4 people to do what Bob had done!) I’d like to introduce you to one of those new members, Pam Tocci Hess. Bob knew of the tender heart the Lord had given Pam towards children in need and saw it dovetailing nicely into what SOFM was all about. The heartbeat of SOFM has always been serving Christ by serving those in need. A prime example of that service is our Child Sponsorship in Haiti. We, through the generous support of many of you, currently send 56 Haitian children to school, where they not only hear of and feel the love of God, but are also provided with a Christ-centered education and a daily meal.Jezi Renmen ou

Bob, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit, encouraged Pam to go to Haiti and spend some time with the Haitian children. She made her first trip to Haiti in 2007 and that trip proved to be the catalyst that has driven the last few years of her life and ministry. After several trips back and much prayer, Pam felt the Lord leading her into missions work. Not so much as a missionary in Haiti, but here in the U.S.A. as a bridge to that poverty- stricken nation. Pam’s goal is to bring awareness to all of you, and many others here in America, of the great need in Haiti; need of the Gospel, food, shelter, education and basic medical supplies.

Pam shared this vision with Bob before his illness and with the Board of SOFM after his death. After several Board meetings, much prayer and plenty of conversation, the Lord showed us what Bob must have seen so many months ago, Pam’s role with SOFM would be different than that of a typical Board member. We were all part time volunteers, her role would require more time and support. At that time Pam was asked to step down from the Board and to accept a new position as SOFM Missions Coordinator.

She committed to:

  • Coordinate SOFM mission projects both locally and in Haiti
  • Perform a majority of the administrative duties for SOFM
  • Submit to SOFM Board of Directors for leadership, guidance and direction of the ministry (and her personal growth as a missionary)
  • Continue to seek the Lord about the calling He has placed on her life

In the months that have followed she has kept these commitments.

For those of you who know Pam personally, you know the only thing that matches the size of her heart, is the amount of energy she has to do that which the Lord has called her to do. However, what she does lack is the time, and that’s why we are reaching out to all of you. Pam at this point is a part-time missionary and a part- time gymnastics instructor. She gets a lot accomplished in the time that she has, but could do so much more for SOFM, the children of Haiti, and local missions if she had more (full time) financial support.

Would you please join us in lifting Pam up before God’s throne of grace, and ask our King to meet her financial support needs, so that she would be able to give up her time in the gym and spend more time on the field?  And would you please consider being used by God to that end by supporting Pam personally?

Please pray as well for SOFM and its Board of Directors that, as we move forward, we would not only honor the memory of our founder Bob Hager, but continue to seek our God and join Him in His glorious work.

In His service,

Bob McDonough



Make A Donation To Support Pam

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