FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2024




Supporting our 2021 Haiti Team








This week our 2021 Haiti Team met for the 3rd time as we prepare for our trip to Haiti July 3-12. And what a team it is!

We have 13 team members who have been to Haiti before, some only once and a few over 7 times! And then we have 5 team members who will be going down for the first time. A large part of this team had planned to go in 2020 but because of covid, we needed to cancel. That team, however, raised, gave and provided over $8000 for Haiti relief!  

As we prepare this year we are having to navigate through a few new obstacles that include covid testing fees (out of country) as well as higher airfare.

Some team members are trying to raise money for multiple family members to return this year. Due to the higher airfare and additional costs of covid testing before leaving Haiti, this particular request is being sent out to our supporters.

We have 6 team members who have their costs covered or close to it, however, there are others, with multiple family members, who do not.

The spirit behind this team is amazing.

Their desire and love for the Haitian people is wonderful.

Their passion to be in Haiti is evident.



If you would like to help provide funding towards their trip costs, you can do so by clicking on the Donate button below.

Your prayers are appreciated and needed and on behalf of this team, thank you!

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