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Did you ever stop and observe the way a child thinks? I have been blessed to work with  children for over 25 years and during that time I have experienced many memorial moments. One of those moments happened just recently.

After having the opportunity to speak about Haiti to the children at St. Paul’s Christian School in Brick, I was approached by one of the children’s mom. She told me that since her son was in 1st grade he didn’t want to receive birthday presents from his friends. Instead, he asked that his friends, if they were going to give him a gift, would instead give a donation to a “cause.” His friends would bring a sealed envelope to his birthday party and he would give the envelopes to his mom, never knowing the amount raised for each cause, just knowing that a donation was going to something that was important to him.

This year, after hearing about the needs for the children of Haiti, specifically at Hope for Haiti Children Center, he decided that they would be his “cause”.

As his mom described her son and these acts of kindness and selflessness, my heart just filled with joy. One 10 year old boy is making a difference.

I just wanted to share this story with you with the hope that you would be encouraged and blessed.

Just One Drop,


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