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Thankful for Bundles of Blessings – ALBANIA

Since 2020 Step of Faith has been sending $1200 a month to Hands of Providence Albania where Pastor Plator and his staff have been delivering food bundles to 25 families throughout the villages that surround Libonik (where their main church is). In America we can easily take for granted how easy it can be to go to the grocery store, charge our food bill on a credit card if we need to and keep an abundance of food in our pantry.

However, in a country like Albania this is not a typical situation. For many, food is scarce due to lack of a job or family to help bring in an income. Through the Bundles of Blessing program, 25 families can count on receiving an assortment of non-perishable food items that can provide a month’s worth of food for their family. With Denis heading up this program, elderly have been found, who were living in horrible situations and now have not only food to sustain them, but the love of Christians to pour into their lives. 


When Jesus speaks about helping “the least of these” we can think of the many who live on or below the poverty level, and how Bundles of Blessings is helping change lives, one food bundle at a time.

Our next 3 months of support will go July 1st. If you would like to help, you can go to the Home Page at the top and click on:




Please join us as we continue to pray for God’s provision “for the least of these”

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me” – Matthew 25:40

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