The Heart of a Child… Grains of Grace

100_4246In 2012 a group of mostly high school students prayed about how they could help provide something for the people of Laca’jue Haiti that would go on long after their 8-day trip was complete. These kids came up with the Grains of Grace Feeding Program. 

GofG began by providing 50 families with rice each month. At the beginning of this program, most of these families were dealing with  some level of starvation. Many, with children, were limited to eating a small handful of rice once a day every 2-3 days. We can not understand that kind of starvation. Within the first year of GofG the number of families grew from 50 to 67 families due to the generosity of our donors.

In 2013 we were  able to include beans each month, adding an important protein to their diet. By the summer of 2014 we saw significant changes in the children. There were very few children with runny noises and all the children had a lot of energy compared to previous years. What a blessing it was to see healthier children full of energy!

Last summer, 2015, we found out that the 67 families who were receiving the rice and bean each month wanted to receive less so that more families could also receive food. This is unheard of in Haiti. It showed that the families were no longer in starvation mode, and now were able to share their blessing with others. Because of their giving hearts, the families increased from 67 to over 90. Along with this, they began to cultivate crops on the Alsan property so that more food could be provided.

This week I was privileged to speak at St. Paul’s Christian School and shared with the K-8th graders about the Grains of Grace Feeding Program. The children received a Globe Bank to put change in during the next 6 weeks. Money collected will go to continue the feeding program. As of today we have funding through July. Here is a message that I received from a mom after her 4th grade son learned about Haiti and the importance of the Feeding Program…

IMG_2530“Thank you for coming to St. Paul’s today! My little guy came home and took his $20 he’s been saving for something and put it in the jar! The video made an impression on him! Honestly he came home went into his room and I watched him hold his $20 up in the air tight fisted for about 5 min. He looked at me & said, ‘mom I want to give this up but I don’t want to at the same time!’ I said, ‘well pray about it and God will help you make the right choice.’ Then I walked out of his room. After another 10 minutes he came out and said, ‘mom I will have enough to eat everyday so I’m gonna give up the money.'”

Every drop counts. This program started because of children wanting to help children and so it continues. I am so grateful for this young boy and all those who have come before him to give to this vital ministry in Haiti. Donations are needed, we appreciate your prayers and support, always.

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