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Ways to Give

1. General Fund – Local & Haiti – By supporting the general fund, your donation will be used to help those in need in many ways while furthering the Gospel:   Read More
2. Haiti Child Education Sponsorship – This program is where we make our most significant impact in Haiti. We have been involved in this ministry since the beginning of SOFM. We are currently partnering with 2 organizations that are on the ground in Haiti to help provide education for 60 students.   Read More 
3. Haiti Nutrition Supplements – Your sponsorship will allow children to receive much needed nutrients to help further their health and overall well being through a highly researched and tested fruit & vegetable supplement.   Read More 
4. Haiti Medical Clinic– Step of Faith is supporting the growing need for medical attention in Haiti, through the construction and/or shipment of medical clinics. Your donation would help us continue to provide this life-giving need for the people in Haiti.In Haiti, 1 in 5 children do not live to see their first birthday, due to illness and diseases that are preventable.   Read More 
5. Support our missionary – Step of Faith Ministry has one supported missionary. Pam Hess has been involved with Step of Faith for over 4 years and is the current Mission’s Coordinator for Step of Faith Ministry. Your donation would help Pam continue to pursue her calling as a full time missionary. Please read the following letter from SOFM president Bobby McDonough as it concerns Pam’s needs.   Read More 
6. Grains of Grace Feeding Program -The average Haitian makes less than $1 a day. Not by choice, but because of circumstances beyond their control.Food is also at a minimum and many mothers’ resort to feeding their children ‘mud pies’ due to the lack of food. During the summer of 2012 we took a team of 9 back to Haiti and during our time in the country we started the Grains of Grace Feeding program.   Read More 



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