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Student of the Month

Since January we have been making you aware of our students in Haiti that are still in need of education sponsorship. This month we add another student, Fara Dieulce. Fara is finishing 1st grade this year, and we are very proud of her.

It goes without saying that life in Haiti is difficult. Children are forced to grow up fast and take on many responsibilities at a very young age. For Fara, as with our other students in Haiti, she has been given a special gift to be able to attend school, receive a hot meal each day and medical attention when needed. Fara has a hopeful future because she is receiving this Christian education.

If you would like to help us continue her education, or the others who are highlighted this month (a donation of $540 for one year of schooling) would be the amount needed. However, a suggested donation of $375 would also help us to help these children in their journey to complete school and become a future leader of their country.

Please pray and consider if this is an area where you can partner with us! Thank you

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